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About Honey


After spending over 11 years in the medical industry, Laura “Honey” Prince longed for a change of pace. While she loved her career, she knew that she had more to offer. A true entrepreneur at heart, a passion for helping others feel their best and a love for all things glam and beauty related; she decided that a career in the beauty industry would suite her well.

One day after receiving unpleasant treatment and subpar services at a local nail salon, Honey realized that there was a shortage of qualified professional African American nail techs in her area. She instantly knew that nails was the beauty branch she needed to pursue. Laura (Honey) began training at Modern Beauty College and completed the required hours to obtain her license in 2016. Honey Dipp Nails was founded shortly after.

Laura (Honey) opened her first salon in 
January 2021 in Carrollton, TX. Her clients enjoy the peaceful atmosphere but more so Honey’s down to earth and witty personality make each
visit a joy. Her clients “trust the process” and are very confident in her work and knowledge. Honey’s top priority is the overall health of the client and their nails. Whether the client is receiving care for their natural nail or a nail enhancement she practices meticulous rituals to ensure that each services is executed in a clean, sanitized manner and ensures that minimal damage is done to the natural nail. Second to the health of the nail, Honey is all about glam and custom sets. Her signature service is “the Dipp”. She loves to add her unique design aesthetic to each set by mixing and creating her own powders. She has perfected the “what polish” set to be technical. Clients get long lasting vibrant custom colors and designs that can only be found at Honey Dipped Nails.

Nails have become her passion. She continues to educate herself, learn new techniques and perfect her craft so that she can offer unparalleled services to her clients. Honey hopes to continue to expand her brand and services over the course of the next few years. She has also launched her own hand care line,
which will included nail and cuticle products, hand moisturizers and scrubs to care for your natural nails.

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